Are You Frustrated with Your Current Marketing Efforts, Building a Following, and Finding Clients?

(Or Are You Just Fearful of Stepping into the Spotlight period?)

You’re a Coach or Healing Professional or Transformational Author wanting to Grow Your
Business (get MORE INCOME), REACH MORE PEOPLE and Share Your Message.


Well the good news is…that you’re not alone in this. It doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. You can get a great handle on how to create visibility and market yourself in a way that feels great AND aligned and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

I’m going to share exactly how.

If you’re a new-ish business just coming to grips with this thing called ‘getting yourself out there’ or marketing (yes it’s the only way to get clients into your practice)


You have an established brick and mortar service–based business, and you’re ready to expand beyond the reach of your geographic location and build an online following and are not sure where to get started….

Then it’s very likely that this program is just what you need to get your jumpstart!

(Email List + Social Platforms)

The Visibility Jumpstart Program with Louise Crooks aka The KeystoClarity! Coach
Starting Thursday, October 22, 2015.

Do any of these resonate with you…?
Are you tired of struggling to find clients, and not seemingly able to attract the ‘right’ clients? (even if you know who your audience is!)
Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and pick one or two visibility strategies that you know are an intuitive fit for you AND your target market?
Would you like to get past your resistance to stepping out into the spotlight, to be seen and get known? (This is common with many heart-centered business owners!)
Would you just like to know exactly which of the on and off-line marketing strategies - from the plethora of options available to you - will be the best fit for you and your audience?
Are you ready to get more focused and stop the ‘throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks’ approach?
Would you just like to get started? OR even just tweak what you’re already doing, to start attracting clients effectively?
You’ve got a business that’s thriving but you have no idea where to start when it comes to going online and working with clients online nationally or internationally?

If you’ve said YES to 2 or more of the above, then you’re in the right place!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

Discover where your ‘ideal’ client hangs out, and how to reach out to them. (this is KEY!)
Gain an understanding of how strategic list-building is the golden–goose to business success, & the unique visibility strategies you can use to build it.
Have your questions answered about different Social Media options, and which ones are RIGHT for your audience. (Yay – you don’t have to do them all!)
Have support in gaining clarity, and have fun with a supportive and inspiring group of people who want the same as you – Visibility, Clients, and a Strong Following!
Have a plan in place to help you move forward powerfully and with momentum, to attract your ‘ideal’ client and many of them?
Clarify your message and communicate powerfully on the right medium for you and your niche. AND MORE…

The Visibility Group Coaching Program is an empowering combination of coaching and training to help you step boldly into the spotlight, and build a successful business by attracting your ‘ideal ’ clients. ( the ones you love to work with) and building a strong pipeline of clients!

After all – we all want to enJOY what we’re doing day to day right? We’ll do this in a safe space as we explore the possibilities.

This program is for heart-centered business owners in service – coaches, holistic practitioners, authors - in the field of healing, growth and transformation, like you – who are ready to become visible.

Who want to find out what those special visibility strategies are specifically suited to you and your audience, that will start making a difference – to your bank account, to attracting clients, and the ripple effect you have on the world at large.

AND are definitely ready to get past your marketing blocks and fears of being ‘seen’.

I want you to get excited about all aspects of your business leading you to prosperity, and feeling like you’re making a difference by serving more people in need!


"My Visibility conversation has been transformed by my conversations with Louise. As a result of our conversations, I have created "Garry's Road Show 2011" where I am researching, planning and implementing actions to increase my visibility and that of choice Magazine to those who do not know us...yet. Thanks so much to you Louise."

~ Garry Schleifer, PCC and Publisher, Choice, the magazine of professional coaching,

"The Visibility Program gave me a focus on something that had been very intimidating to me. It was a very safe forum in which to learn. I honed in on my niche, and the visibility strategies that will work best for those I want to reach.

The NLP discussion was helpful on how to tailor your message to "who" you are trying to reach. Louise is a great guide into new realms...she made it easy and fun! Now I have a foundation that I can move forward from in a much clearer way. Thank you, Louise. You're doing good work, and are a great inspiration to us all!"

~S`Marie Young of Heart to Heart Communication - a past Visibility Graduate

"This program was an opportunity to look at the entire process of creating my business and really become clear on the specifics. I was able to narrow down my focus by picking what works best for me instead of being "all over the place", and ending up overwhelmed, overworked, stressed and giving up.

Louise kept the group on track, with discussions that were moving forward and relevant to what we were learning. We always got lots of great information and valuable information on every call."

~ Claudette Chenevert of the StepMom Coach at - a past Visibility Graduate

Tap in to your best business-building steps with 8 group coaching calls plus all the extra bonuses listed!

This is like no other program out there. We’re switching gears to another level of learning. You’ll walk away feeling more knowledgeable, and with more confidence, with direction and real clarity about what comes next. I know what it’s like to market yourself, build a list, get known, and know what it’s like when you’re trying to market a business with a spiritual or transformational bias. We’ll address all those possible issues as we go along.

During the program you’ll get a mix of information, education and coaching – we’ll discuss any challenges you might be having in any particular area we’re covering, and address any resistance that might come up, and I’m pretty sure there will be some! I will be able to provide info and resources that you can take beyond each of the calls, for you to use and explore.

We’ll even have a couple of guest experts to come and share their expertise on particular topics!

Here are the topics we’ll explore:

Setting the stage for our experience! AND Discussing the benefits of how your niche impacts your ability to attract clients. So when in need, they know you are their go-to gal/guy and will respond favorably to your visibility strategies.


Creating a clear plan on visibility strategies to build your responsive email list that’s excited about you and your offers. ~ This is your GOLDEN GOOSE laying all the GOLDEN EGGS in your business! Doing it without feeling sales-y - building relationships authentically and from the heart. Learning the steps to powerful and effective communication and ATTRACTION.


Understanding visibility strategies that are available, & which are an intuitive fit for you & your audience.


Continuation… (we’ll cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and online Radio).


Video and Audio…the best learning styles and mediums your niche will want to connect with you through, and doing the ones that feel like a fit for you.


Communicating through writing: email copy, articles, newsletters and blogging. An insight into NLP – the art of language through Neuro Linguistic Programming – in all your Visibility strategies too!


ONLINE - How to connect online, in an impactful way. strategies to get you in front of the right audience and HOW to do that. We’ll discuss online radio, teleseminars and tele-sumits and getting in front of LIVE audiences.


Going beyond the program, and keeping the momentum going! Create the map of your chosen strategies and the methods you’ll be using.

"What an amazing and life changing experience being a client of Louise's previous coaching group has been. Louise has the ability of giving clarity when our minds get so cluttered with internal and external messages. I reached a turning point, had huge shift and thinking, and an amazing breakthrough in my business.

With her experience and background, there is nothing holding you back but yourself!! Louise, I am forever grateful for this experience and for you being a part of my life!"

~ Chris Verdi of Core Restore Training,

"Louise's Visibility program provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to select the best strategies that will raise their profile in the market. In my case I realized that writing articles in ezines about my field - improving the quality of life for migraine sufferers - would capitalize on my strengths and provide great exsposure.

During the course I had my first articles published. This has led naturally to a newsletter for subscribers to my website, which will give them much greater value than before."

~ Gerry Fryer of

At the end of the program our last call will help to create a strategic plan and a sense of completion, so that you know what you’ll be doing beyond the program!

All calls will be recorded and sent to you the next day in case you can’t make a call!

AND here are 5 BONUSES for you, if you decide to join us:

AUDIO TRAINING BONUS: In-depth training Creating Your Niche ~ The Pivotal Key to Visibility Success and Many More Clients. This is a great grounding for those still grappling with identifying their ideal client /audience, and foundational to having success with marketing and visibility. (Highly recommend listening to this before our first call) (Value $197)
LIVE BONUS CALL: Adventurous Partnerships - Discover the Joy of Growing your Business through Joint-Ventures & Affiliates Spend a BONUS hour with Louise, as she shares all the juicy details of methods to create powerful partnerships to help you grow your email list and fill your programs and sell your products. And you'll get to ask your questions! Date TBD. (Value $495)
PRIVATE FORUM: You'll also get to interact with your group peers in a private Face book forum between the calls to support one another and get questions answered! This is a lot of fun, and a great way to connect /network with your fellow participants. (Learn how to use Facebook as a forum for your own programs at the same time!) (Value $300 - huge really)
20 MINUTE DIG DEEPER SESSION WITH LOUISE: The first 12 soul-opreneurs who sign up will receive a personal one on one 20min Dig Deeper Session with Louise to dive deeper into the material that you want to learn more about during the program. (This alone is $300 value!)
A $200 COUPON FOR 'THE BUSINESS SPRINGBOARD': Learn more about this special customized program to springboard your visibility here.
It not only gets you into the spotlight, but helps you create an opt-in gift for your website at the same time. This is a date of your choosing, expires 6 months from the Visibility Jumpstart sign up date. (cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer).

You’ll have the opportunity to become well informed to make
clear and focused choices that suit you and your audience, and
NOT feel overwhelmed doing it!

Get a powerful overview of the main VISIBILITY strategies and platforms used, and determine which are the right one’s for you and your specific heart-centered business. AND leave with a plan of what you’ll be doing going forward! You will feel EXCITED about reaching out and connecting with clients once you’ve completed this program.

Louise will be brainstorming and coaching you around this every step of the way!

Spaces are limited – book now to secure your place in the group.

It’s time to grab the bull by the horns (I promise I’ll be gentle) and really transform your business to a visibility, momentum- building sacred vehicle to share and do your best work and create the income you desire. You’ll know intuitively if this is the right time for you. Tap into it and take action.

Current Program In Session

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I can’t wait to start this journey of exploration, growth and fun with you, and to see your business move into prosperity not only so that you can live with financial freedom & feel empowered, but also so that you get more clients and start seeing powerful results. I am passionate about supporting soul driven business owners like you to get your message out there. Without it – the people who need your services won’t hear about what’s possible to help them grow and heal. It is imperative to step into your innate power, own your gifts and talents and allow the world to see and hear about them. If I knew then, what I knew now, I might have made different choices and chosen what was available to me through holistic healing and coaching. Inform, educate, step onto a bigger stage, into the spotlight and connect powerfully!

To your shining success,

P.S. Email or leave a message on the voicemail button on the right side of the page if you have further queries – I want to make sure this is a fit for you if you have any unanswered questions.


My Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I really want you get what you need from this program – but it doesn’t feel like a fit for you after the 1st 2 weeks of the program, you can ask for your money back – and you’ll get to keep all the bonuses you’ve received!

Louise Crooks, aka The KeystoClarity Coach, is a dynamic and inspiring coach, radio show host, speaker, trainer and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success. It’s her mission to help coaches and holistic practitioners or any business owner in the field of healing and transformation, to create a powerful foundation in your business, choosing the right strategies to become VISIBLE and attract your ideal clients. It means you can operate from a place of prosperity, and help more people! She gently pushes you out of your comfort zone, into embracing your passion and sharing your message, while having fun doing it!